October 2017 Financial Update

October 2017 Financial Update

We’re on the right direction.

That’s what it looks like from the second month tracking our finances. October was a good month. The Autumn finally kicked in and so did the cold weather. Between the morning mist and the smell of burned wood from people’s fireplaces in the evenings, it gives you the feeling that Christmas is just around the corner. I’ve always loved this season back in Portugal but it definitely gets prettier here in the UK. The only drawback is that it gets five times harder to leave our cozy place to go to the gym (let alone the Winter!).

It wasn’t until October that we finally celebrated the beginning of our investment journey and also our first publication on this blog with a nice dinner night out. It wasn’t a milestone but it definitely felt like it. The first of many that we plan to achieve in the upcoming years and it feels great to celebrate our success.

Since we are still furnishing our flat, it was about time for us to get a proper wooden dinning table. It took us a few months to figure out which one would fit in our dinning room but we ended up choosing one that we are quite pleased with. To test out it’s endurance, after Mrs. WB spending six hours on her day off assembling it (while I was at work), we had a great dinner house party for a few friends. There was a good variety of wines and a few dozens of beers that didn’t make it through the night. For appetisers, we had curated meats, cheeses and homemade bread that I baked myself. As for the main course, Mrs. WB made a Portuguese seafood cataplana, which is one of the best dishes you can have in Portugal. By the time that everyone was getting tired and the only drink left was water, it was almost 5am in the morning.

Live’s looking good and I already have all my 20 days of annual leave (28 if I work on back holidays) with something scheduled for the whole next year of 2018, whether it’s travel destinations, travel back home to see our family or music concerts. Since Mrs. WB can easily switch  hers work shifts and has 35+ days of annual leave, she doesn’t need to worry about it.


Regarding our income, both me and Mrs. WB got some good paychecks. In fact, they were the highest that we have ever received. For me, it was a small bonus for some extra work that I did at the company I work for. For Mrs. WB was some well payed shifts that she worked a month earlier (yes, it takes NHS one month to process your extra working hours). Our earnings rose 10% and totalled an income of £4033, which we were very please with. Hopefully within the next few years we will find more ways to passively increase our income and raise this number while keeping our lifestyle as it is now.


October 2017 Financial Update

Although our income was higher this month, we ended up spending far more money than we should. It’s true that we needed a proper dinning table, we just couldn’t spend more time with our small old one. The table cost us £210 which wasn’t that bad, regarding it’s size and style but it added up quite fast. There was also a Juicer in our expenses this month, which cost us £35. It has been great making our own healthy juices. Since we tend to forget to eat fruit during the day, we thought that it would be a good way to fix that. So far it has been great and it’s really easy to clean. The only drawn back in it’s the fruit waste that we get after making a small jar of juice and they get a little expensive. We did look up for recipes to make with the fruit leftovers but they aren’t that good.
As for the entertaining bit, there was also £80 in tickets for a concert in London, early in the next year, which we weren’t counting on.

Currently we are still trying to figure out how to sort the ‘Everything Else’ category problem but it looks like YOLT, an mobile app pretty much like PersonalCapital it’s here to help us out. We will give it a try this next month and hopefully write a great review on it. It definitely looks promising. It’s just impossible to track all our expenses, even though we never use cash to pay for anything.


As for our investments, we kept our small £300 contribution while fuelling our emergency fund. It’s crazy knowing that in a few years, these 2/3% market oscillations that we had these last weeks will mean changes on our net worth in the order of thousands. It should be pretty uncomfortable looking at it when it’s going down the hill. We’re really looking forward to get into the 4 digits club in the upcoming months and hopefully not too long after that, into the 5 digits one.

October 2017 Financial Update

And that’s it. Our October financial update is ready. For now, lets keep working towards our monthly budget improvement while enjoying life. We’re pointed in the right direction, time will take care of it.