December 2017 Financial Update

December 2017 Financial Update

Cheers to another year everyone!

Hope you have had a great start of the year and a great time during the Christmas holidays with your loved ones.

December started out somehow bumpy. After our trip to Portugal, during the first week of the month I finished up the project that I was currently working at my job. Without any new projects on sight and with a few colleagues leaving the company I was starting to feel that it was time to pack my own stuff and jump ship. Luckily (I guess?) I got invited into a meeting where I was told that I would be officially made redundant later in that week.

During that meeting, as our HR manager was cold blooded telling us that we, both me and my colleague who was working with me on the same project, were being made redundant, I was struggling to keep a sad/worried face expression since I throughly needed that kick in the but.

By the end of the week I was delivered the official letter with my severance package on it. Three months worth of salary without any taxes got me £7000, £600 on a few holidays that I had left and another £1000 as a bonus.

This totalled £8600 which came as a really nice Christmas gift.

As soon as that meeting ended the company got me in touch with an IT recruitment agency which promptly asked me for my updated CV to start sending it out across multiple companies with open vacancies. After speaking with a couple of recruiters during the following days I was told that since we were about to entering the Christmas Holidays period, pretty much all the HR departments were running slow on their services and so, it would be very unlikely to get a job interview during that period.

After this I took a week to indulge into the situation that I got into and tried not to stress about it. Luckily there were plenty of IT jobs out there and my skills are currently in high demand. One thing that helped lowering the stress was that with a £12K emergency fund and with Mrs. WB well employed, I could probably spend the whole year unemployed that we would make it through.

This brought me some peace of mind and made me enjoy the Christmas period with a smile on my face. Well, not during the multiple times that we went shopping for christmas gifts. It was cool the first two times, okay during the next three but a utter pain on the next 5+. We spent nearly £600 in christmas gifts solely in December. On the previous month we also bought £460 worth of gifts. We definitely need to work on lowering this bill for the next year. It will require some planning ahead but we’ll probably checkout to save some money (and time!) with minor gifts.

On the flip side, it was Mrs. WB’s best month of the year. She loves the Christmas season and acknowledged that we did in fact spent a huge amount of money. Anyways, during the last two weeks of the month we did make some pretty nice ginger bread cookies and multiple kinds of Portuguese tradicional christmasy food.

We tend to go home for Christmas every other year, since we love to spend the Christmas here with our friends. This year we stayed in the UK but we were stuffed with Portuguese wines, cheeses and cold meats. It felt just like home.


Our income this month completely skyrocket. Mrs. WB kept a steady £1890 with no extra shifts. As for me, £8600 were insane. We earned a total of £10500 which was mad. It would be nice if it were like this every month! Hopefully I won’t be staying too long without earning a paycheque again. It might be this time that I get a nice salary bump. It’s about time.


December 2017 Expenses

With such an high income for this month and with the Christmas season adding up, we did indeed spent more than we should. We didn’t splurge on anything but gifts and food. Even the money that we spent back in Portugal was mainly on that. We did spent money on beer and wine for the new years eve as well, which was quite a lot. We didn’t get drunk but we stayed awake and chatting until early in the morning.


Hopefully this was the last month that we only invested £300 into the fund. We’re planning to increase our contributions to £700 every month starting in January with the potencial to increase throughout the year. Let’s see for how long does this bull market keeps up! It’s being crazy this last couple of months.


How about your financial goals for 2018? Hope you’re excited as we are!

Mr. WB