January 2018 Financial Update

January 2018 Financial Update

New year, new job, new challenges!

I can’t believe it’s already February! The weather is currently quite cold and we’re starting to miss the warmth from a nice sunny summer day. It’s enough from heavy winter jackets.

After just a couple weeks of uncertainty, life is again under control. Between job interviews, our parentes visit and the challenges that my new job got me into, January just flew by. From a financial perspective, it was rough. I bought a Macbook Pro (auch). Thankfully It didn’t took me more than 2 weeks to land a new job and so, there wasn’t a month without any income (from my side, Mrs. WB did pretty well!).

Starting with the new job. Just a few days after the new year’s eve, I got two job interviews lined up. Both wen’t extremely well. One of them was a bit more formal where I was asked to do a 10 minutes technical test, which I nailed it pretty easily. The other – the one where I ended up working – was just a very informal conversation between me and my soon to be manager. A few days later I was requested to attend again to the latter company for a technical interview. As I got there, I had an informal meeting with the IT director where he basically got to know me, confirmed my previous asked salary and basically told me that he was pretty happy to get me on board.

Later on that same day I got a formal job offer on a £35k salary and with a really exciting project to work on.

So my starting date was precisely on the day that our parents came visit us. Luckily I managed to ask to postpone for a few days later.

They’d never been here in the UK before so it was a really nice experience for them. They got really amazed with the housing conditions which we current live in. Back in Portugal, houses aren’t that good insulated. It’s great for the eight months of nice warm sunny days but during those four months of winter you need to get an extra layer of blankets. The switched side of the lanes while driving was another great thing that they experienced. They got really confused as soon as we drove off the airport back to our flat.

So for four days we showed them everything around here. Things like museums, pubs, parks and restaurants. Of course that we took a day to go to Central London. We walked almost 12 miles during the whole day but it was totally worth it. We saw all those tourist spots that is obligatory. Oddly enough, we’re pretty sure that the one they loved the most was actually the squirrels in the Hyde Park. We had so much fun. I really think that that was the highlight of their trip. Back in Portugal, there are just no squirrels other than deep into the forests.

Between taxis for the six of us, food and things that we bought to have them around here for those four days, we spent around £300. However I did withdrawn £400 to give to them. This way, they payed me in my Portuguese bank account the equivalent in Euros and so, no transfer fees were involved. It was totally worth it and we’ll probably do it again next year.

Was really nice to have them around here. At least they now have a picture of where and how we live.

Regarding my new job. I’ve now a great, fun team and I’m working solely on a project with the supervision of my manager. It’s something that I’ve never really done before but it’s going to give me a great job experience. For what is worth, I’ve had some really nice feedback from my manager and produtor manager until now, which I’m really happy with.

With all that said, my salary was raised by 25%. Went from £28k to £35 a year salary, my holidays from 28 to 32 (bank holidays included) and by the time that I get out of my probation period, I will be eligible to join our work pension where I can contribute a minimum of 3% while the employer contributes 5%. Regarding all of this, I love the fact that I can work from home if I want to, have a flexible work schedule and looks like everyone leaves by 5 pm on Fridays(or even earlier!)

I’m really happy that all worked out really well!



For this month our income was a bit lower that the norm. Since I’ve only worked half of the month, I made £1370. Mrs. WB kept her good and steady income of £1860. This totalled £3230 which, if we think that on the previous month I’ve received more than three months worth of salary we’re still in a very good position.

Next month this will get back to a higher level than ever which we’re pretty excited with. I’m expecting an £2333 paycheque which will come in really handy.



January 2018 Expenses


The expenses were really overkill this month. We spent £4450. There was an overspending of £1230, which sucked really bad. The fact that I had to buy a new laptop (since I didn’t had one) was a bit rough. Plus, we bought flight tickets for Mrs. WB’s brother to come visit us in a couple months time. Hopefully we will make up to this during the next few months where we foresee nothing expensive other than a few holiday flights.



Like we promised to ourselves, we did in fact increased our monthly contributions towards our investments. We increased from £300 a month to £700. Being our first time changing the value on Charles Stanley Direct website, we messed up. Nothing to worry about but made us having to invest our new amount, plus the older one. So we ended up investing £1000, which felt actually pretty good. I’m pretty sure that as soon as our emergency fund gets to a level that we’re comfortable with, we’re going to increase our contributions later in the year.


Any plans to increase your monthly contributions this year?

Mr. WB