March 2018 Financial Update

March 2018 Financial Update

We are starting to miss the warmth weather.

It is about time for the weather to start warming up a bit! March went by and other than the cold, everything is running smooth.

The month started not so good. We had a friend’s trip all planned out to Warsaw, Poland. This was suppose to be my birthday commemoration trip. Unfortunately, the heavy snow that got Britain by surprise on the first week of the month got our airport closed by the time we got there. The plane was alright and luckily we got our flight money back but with no staff to get us through the TSA check, the airpot was closed. We ended up spending £300 with two taxis to get us to the airport and back home again. We were driving through what looked like the after match of an apocalypse. There were hundreds of cars parked on the roadside covered in snow. (So many Mercedes though. Damn that rear wheel drive).

Thankfully we got safe back home and since we were on holidays we had the most of the day by hanging out the whole afternoon and evening!

We will try again maybe next year, Poland!

Regarding our groceries bill it went down a little bit. We joined the weakly meal preps HelloFresh service. It is a service where you choose for the week ahead which meals you would like to be delivered for you during the weekend. Then, they send you a box full of fresh ingredients, the step-by-step, foolproof and delicious recipes for you to follow.

It has been a really nice experience and it solved our problem of trowing rotting veggies to the trash every couple of days. Now we know that we’re not wasting anything and we also have a plan to follow during the week. There’s always something ready to cook. This keeps us disciplined and we ended up not wasting money with random food delivery during the week nor with food waste.

Regarding the price, we are paying £35 for 3 meals which get us 4 single meals each. So we can always cook for dinner and still take lunch for the next day. If we divide £35 by 12 meals, we get £2.9 a meal which is a quite reasonable price.

If you’d like to receive a £20 coupon to spend on your first box of fresh ingredients and delicious recipes, follow this link and join in. You can always cancel your subscription at anytime with no costs (which is why we ended up joining).

So far so good.



Regarding our income, I am finally back to a full size pay-check of £2256 while Mrs. WB got £1950. This totalled £4206 that we’re really proud of. There were news about the new NHS wage increase during the next four upcoming years. It is not clear yet but Mrs. WB will be getting a salary bump in a near future which is really good news.

For now we’re trying to get us disciplined and run away from the lifestyle creep. Hopefully next year I will negotiate a salary raise with the company that I’m currently working for.



For the month of March we did stretch ourselves a bit. We did book a few flights for the upcoming months of April and June. This cost us roughly £600. We’ll probably only buy flight tickets in June for our August Summer holidays in Portugal. Regarding eating out, we also splurge a bit. We spent over £300 with a couple of Spanish tapas, pizzas and sushi. We’ll try to bring this down on the next month. Other that these we were quite disciplined and didn’t splurge on anything else.

We’re looking forward to get a car in the next couple of months. We are trying to decide which car to buy but we’re spending no more that £3000 with it with an outright payment. We’ll have to add a few new expenses like parking, gas and auto insurance which will add around £150 to our monthly expenses.

We’re pretty sure that we’re missing out many beautiful locations on the countryside of the UK. Instead of spending money with alcohol on a house party and waking up the next day with an hangover, we’ll be cruising around the nature during the weekends. It will also help with the fact that we will get the change to park our car on the airports and get the cheap, late night flights that we can’t get right now since we’re dependents on the public transportation system.



Our monthly contributions were kept at £700 and we will hopefully increase them to £1000 soon. This will probably happen after buying the car. It is starting to look like we’re headed somewhere by looking at our slowly growing graph. Funny to see how much we invested during the last 6 months.

This is it folks, our March financial update is complete.


Any tips regarding buying second hand cars? Anyone?


Mr. WB