December 2017 Financial Update

Cheers to another year everyone! Hope you have had a great start of the year and a great time during the Christmas holidays with your loved ones. December started out somehow bumpy. After our trip to Portugal, during the first week of the month I finished up the project that I was currently working at my job. Without any new projects on sight and with a few colleagues leaving the company I was starting to feel that it was time to pack my own stuff and jump ship. Luckily (I guess?) I got invited into a meeting where I was told that I would be officially made redundant later in that week. During that meeting, as our HR manager was […]

November 2017 Financial Update

The Christmas is coming. November has come and brought with it the start of the much anticipated Christmas season. Everyone did their best to buy a few gifts so that their finances don’t get hit pretty bad on the next December. As soon as the Halloween ended, the shops started setting up their Christmas themes. It was as soon as the 1st of November. Long live the Capitalism. Everything is going smooth and me and Mrs. WB had a great time on our one week trip back to Portugal at the end of the month. Also, as promised on our last blog post, I would like to talk about the UK money management app, Yolt and also about the money […]

October 2017 Financial Update

We’re on the right direction. That’s what it looks like from the second month tracking our finances. October was a good month. The Autumn finally kicked in and so did the cold weather. Between the morning mist and the smell of burned wood from people’s fireplaces in the evenings, it gives you the feeling that Christmas is just around the corner. I’ve always loved this season back in Portugal but it definitely gets prettier here in the UK. The only drawback is that it gets five times harder to leave our cozy place to go to the gym (let alone the Winter!). It wasn’t until October that we finally celebrated the beginning of our investment journey and also our first […]

September 2017 Financial Update

We made it. After a few months of unexpected expenses, house moving and expensive (but great!) summer holidays in Italy, we finally setup our monthly deposits into our ISAs. As this was our first month as officially investors and since we are still funding our emergency fund, we ended up setting up small contributions into the Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% equity fund. We plan to keep funnelling a majority of our income into the emergency fund until the end of the year, and hopefully by that time we will have stacked around £10k. This will give us a good safety net and will cover our expenses for a few months in case anything unexpected happens. After that we will focus solely […]